River Dee....'The Return' 29/08/08

I had an opportunity to fish the Dee this evening for a couple of hours, just over 700 on the river line, with no rain in the last few days it was an opportune moment to give it a go. Not to sure if the water was coloured I headed off to fish one of my favourite stretches of the Dee. The evening was warm and humid, I was expecting big things a possible hatch? , but with the disappointment of the past few river outings I wasn't building my hopes up.

I quickly got tackled up with the 5# Z-Axis, it seemed a life time ago since I had this wonderful rod in my hand ready to cast a line upon the river. The stroll along the waters edge on such a pleasant evening was to savour, the anticipation of the next few hours unbearable. Scanning the water for the tell tale signs of a rise, nothing spotted so I took up station at the bottom of the beat. As I threaded the line through the rings of the rod a familiar sound of a Grayling taking from the surface, Surely it would have been easier to wave a white flag at me. I quickly tied on a 7.5 ft tapered leader with 2ft Flurocarbon along with a size 16 Yellow Klinkhammer, the Graylings favourite or is it just mine ??.

The first cast on the river in several weeks covered the rising fish, a little short so a quick flick and the glass like river broke with an almighty splash, the suicidal Grayling was giving its all fish on!. A spirited scrap and a nice Grayling safely returned. The evening continued much in the same vain with rising fish giving away their location. I covered each and all were happy to take the Klink. Half a dozen or so fish netted and returned was more than I was expecting.

A nice glide half a mile or so down river saw a fish breaking the surface, a bit of house keeping on the fly, a smidge of Gink to help it float and I was after another fish. This time the Klink was sipped from the surface and I sensed from the good bend in my rod that the fish was in a different league altogether, what a fight I only had a 3lb point on and I couldn't give it anymore stick, the huge dorsal being used to full advantage in the current. For those of you who have not experienced a big Grayling fighting against the current, I advise you to give it a go. Pound for pound they are one of the hardest fighting fish. After a five minute tussle the beauty went into the net.(see pics above, Safely returned)

What an evening I was having, a further eight fish all pushing 1lb to 1.5lb, I suppose by Dee standards this is the norm......'we are spoilt on the Dee you know'. I continued to fish onwards into dusk with the activity dying down which was a little bit unexpected. I however was buzzing from my return to the Dee and what a welcome back it was. Sixteen or so Grayling netted and safely returned. Nuff Said....can't wait to return, which I'm sure I will very soon.

Tight Lines

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