River 'Dee'light ! - 30/08/08

A little more than 12 hours and I was travelling back to the Dee with my fishing buddy. After yesterday proving to be a big success hopes were high for a full day on the river. Yet again the tell tale signs were there, rising fish on the far bank, its on with Klinkhammer. I was into a fish a small Grayling under the 1lb mark. The river had fallen nicely overnight, now around 634 on the meter and a slight colour to it.

This majestic river was on form for a second day, I was delighted that the Grayling had read the script, I now had a goal for the day not numbers caught but to try and winkle out one of the large Grayling that the Dee is renowned for. Searching the water with heron like tactics I slowly moved from each glide with a few nice Grayling to show for my efforts. The silence only being broken by a whistle now and then from my fishing buddy to let me know that he was into another fish.

Where were the big fish today?, I threw my fly over the likely looking spots in the hope that the larger fish would be holding up, not this time. Only a few smaller Grayling taking the Klink which I am always pleased about but I was after the big ones. A quick break for a chat and a drink then it was back to the fishing, no need to change any tactics the Klinkhammer was doing the business for both of us.

As we moved along the beat covering the water picking up a fish or two along the way, I noticed a consistent rising fish tucked in close to the bank, and under a tree! typical. Possibly a trout but the tell tale signs after the rise screamed big Grayling. I'm not sure why but I have noticed that when Grayling take fly from the surface an air bubble is left behind, almost like a Grayling calling card!. If any fellow angler has noticed similar and as to why this is then let met know.

A check of the fly and a hint of Gink this is not going to be easy, the klink needs to hit the spot first time. The first cast lands short, a bit scared that I would tangle in the tree, no harm done. The fish was still rising to free offerings that passed it by, I managed to nail the second cast not to sure if it was down to skill or pure luck but the fly drifted past perfectly under the tree and wallop. The Grayling I had been after was on and fighting hard, making maximum use of the current a great fight.

I seemed to forget that the only thing holding this fish on was a size 18 Klink (orange), but after a cracking tussle the 'Big one' was in the net. The expletives that came from my fishing buddy suggested that I had possibly beaten my personal best Grayling. Chance for a quick photo and estimates on 2lb+ fish? It was a thick set fish and it knew how to use its size in the current to its best ability. The fish after a brief recovery in the slower margins was off like a shot hopefully a bit more wiser.

The day continued.... a change of beats saw similar results, free rising fish along the stretch, these days dont come along that often and when they do you have to take full advantage. Between us we had landed and safely returned over 20+ Grayling.
The evening ended on another high for me as I tried a Klikhammer tied by myself, and a nice fish obliged (above Pic). It was my first attempt at tying such a fly and I was pleased with my efforts, the fish seemed to agree. I must also point out the inspiration for this came from a cracking web site http://learnflytying.co.uk/ ( see Intermediate Lesson 3 Video). What a cracking day we had on this majestic river, talk on the way home was of fish lost and caught a nice end to the month.
Cant wait to get back!
Tight Lines

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