Not Such a 'Stillwater' !! - 16/08/08

The day started early with full English to set us on our way, River Dee level 747 on meter we decided to check it out before plan B, a still water. A quick stroll down the river and we quickly decided that the 'Lady of the stream' would have to wait for another day. Pushing through at some pace and slightly coloured it was definately Plan B.

With the rain planned for later in the day it was a pleasant tackle up, and a warm morning, who would think that it was August with waterproofs at the ready. A nice ripple on the water looked tempting to start with a team of Buzzers fished with a slow figure of eight. I started with a gold head GRHE & Diawl Bach on the dropper would surely result in the first fish of the day? Buzzers to try later in the day if the sun breaks through. It was about an hour in when the tip of my fly line took an almighty dip, Fish on ! A small rainbow takes the GRHE on the point a great start, I had a feeling we were going to catch a lot of fish today.

A quick glance at the fly and my fishing buddy ties on a GRHE, I'm not sure how long it had hit the water but a cry of 'Were in' sees a nice bend in the rod. A perfectly finned rainbow hits the net after a good scrap. Two fish in as many minutes its looking good, or so we thought.
What was round the corner or to put it another way over the valleys of mid Wales, was not going to be pleasant, it was to change the course of the day. Rain & gale force winds hit the water. Waterproofs on and time to batten down the hatches, the flies that were drifting nicely through the swim only moments ago now were being blown round at a rate of knots. The water being high up in the valley and exposed was hit with powerful winds and driving rain this was not such a stillwater anymore!.
Undeterred as all anglers do we carried on through the wind & rain, changing tactics every half hour or so, we've all been there changing flies after flies with not a sniff from any fish. Renewed optimism with every new fly tied onto the cast, even a quick team talk proved unsuccessful. Fishing on for a few more hours only produced a few takes with nothing hitting the net. We reluctantly called it a day, waves lashing against the edge & more dark clouds over the horizon.
The early start was good but it changed rapidly thanks to the great British summer!. The excuse of the day, because all good anglers should have one, was without doubt the strong wind, 'this obviously put them down & off feed??' I suppose that's why they call it 'Fishing' and not 'catching' Until the next time.
Tight Lines

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