Rivers Test & Itchen - December 2016

It was an early start down to Hampshire, I had booked us both on the Broadlands estate for the first days fishing. A river I have been lucky enough to fish on several occasions, it was Dads first time on the main Test and we were both looking forward to the day.


The Test at this time of year was spectacular, having said that when isn't it?, after a quick brew and a chat with the Jon Hall the river keeper who had sorted us the day we were away.  The river was carrying a bit of colour but this was to our advantage.   I set up with the trusty Sage ESN #2 with the French leader and a couple of nymphs. A heavy 4.6mm jig fly on the point and the fly I have christened the "Licorice Allsort" on the dropper.


The day turned out to be what can only be described as a "red letter" day, every run we searched held fish. A number of larger fish graced our nets and we were buzzing from start to finish. The pink Licorice Allsort accounted for the majority of fish.  


As you can see from the below picture this Graylings mouth still had the remains of a previous angler encounter. It's goes to show that the lady of the stream love Pink.



It was a remarkable day and we fished right through until last light a day that will remain in the fishing memory for a very long time.

Lower Itchen
Day two saw us on the lower Itchen, a stunning river on on this cold and frosty morning. We wondered for some time spotting the fish and refusing anything we threw at them. We did manage to get into several Grayling in the deeper pockets, again all taking the pink dropper. We did see a number of larger fish but also they saw us after a few failed attempts. This sections does hold some large specimens and with more time on the water I'm sure I'd get into them. A cracking day none the less and as always good banter.




Wherwell River Test
We met up for our final days fishing with a good friend of ours Alex Adams, he has fished this section of the test carriers on many occasions. We too have fished it in years gone by but with much more water in. We generally take the trip when our rivers up north are in flood. Alex noted straight away that the river was very low for this time of year, we still located a number of small fish and the odd brownie which you can't avoid. We wondered for some time trying to locate bigger grayling but they saw us no matter how stealthy we were. The river is full of trout and I'm sure during the season the anglers will have a bonanza. Albeit the large numbers are due to a stocking policy.




Both Dad and I had a cracking few days away on the wonderful chalkstreams, coupled with superb food and hospitality at The three cups inn in Stocksbridge. We can't wait to return in the new year to chase the Grayling once again, it was a trip full of laughs and great fishing.  To do it all with your best mate and share the experience is simply awesome.

Until next time.......

Mid Wales Splendour - 26th November 2016

The river had finally dropped to a fishable level, the mid Wales countryside was in all its glory. Unbelievably the sun warmed the day which saw a few Large dark olives coming off resulting in a few of the pesky out of season trout on the dry. The Cul De Cannon did the business and it was superb in late November to take fish on the dry. 

We had plenty of Grayling to nymphs on the French leader tactics. It's was also a big surprise when a Salmon took one of my nymphs. I didn't have much of a chance on my #2 as it made light work of the set up and straight to the backing and the five pound line not putting up much resistance. We saw several fish making their way up river, it was great to see so far up. The recent floods have certainly helped them on the way.

Being out in mid Wales on days like to today take some beating, hope you enjoy the pictures of a great day. 








Until Next time 
Tight Lines 

The Frome & River Test - November 2016

A lot has been posted recently on Social media about the Northern lads yearly pilgrimage to the chalk streams. We've been doing this trip now for several years and time and time again they get even better. For me and the others, catching the fish we do is just a bonus. Fishing with like minded anglers who enjoy each other's company and have a great craic along the way are the ingredients for an unforgettable trip.

Many Thanks go out to the all the guys down south who made this trip a big success, you know who you are. They all are willing to give up time to put you on fish and try new waters and experience what they do on a regular basis.

This is what the fly fishing game is all about, no egos, no one-upmanship, just a willingness to share ideas and talk all things piscatorial. Awesome hospitality and a great bunch. Looking forward to the next visit and seeing you all again soon.